Swami Nirmalananda Giri Maharaj

Cancer is essentially the most dreadful disease worldwide in terms of morbidity and mortality. Deliberately, here I say that if the patient comes to us as early as possible, it is going to benefit him more. Ayurveda , the normal Indian holistic medication, uses plant derived merchandise for cancer care, shouldn’t be merely a system of drugs. Affected person cannot take only one drugs, as we have to work on the organic degree together with cell level , in any other case most cancers may again attack our physique.

You may select to take or to not take Ayurvedic medicines, however a improper weight loss program needs to be averted in any case. Some had been using purely Ayurvedic therapeutic cures, while others like me had already undergone standard remedies. Mohammed’s analysis got here when he was 10 months previous, and Rukiya took him to an ayurvedic practitioner in Valancherry, Kerala, as was the observe in the family.

That is pratap from chennai,granthi hara medicine cures utres most cancers,prostatic most cancers,liver most cancers,breast most cancers,brain cancer.i saw these all reports from frinends& you have any doubt i can send these all scientific curable studies earlier than& nagesh additionally despatched his pre scientific reports about granthi hara medicine. We still don’t know from which treatment she got benefited however she continued Ayurvedic medicines/homeopathic medicines/Vaidya narayan murthy water for round 9 months, bought better and from 2010 till at the moment, she is regularly doing pranayam and her health is secure, similar like it was in 2010.

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