10 Things Mark Cuban Says to Do With Your Money

You might have heard this billionaire’s name, but who is Mark Cuban, and how did he make his money? It’s possible you know him as one of the sharks on the hit show “Shark Tank,” and you might have seen pictures of Mark Cuban’s wife, Tiffany Stewart, and his children. Cuban is more than just a TV personality and family man — he’s also the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a successful investor. In fact, he’s so successful that he made his first million in 1990 after selling his business to CompuServe and then earned a $5.9 billion paycheck after he sold his online streaming audio service to Yahoo in 1999.

Cuban knows how to be rich and successful, and he isn’t afraid to share his insight. Check out these 10 pieces of financial advice from Mark Cuban, and learn how to think like a billionaire.

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